Let others verify your age without ever knowing who you are

Sometimes privacy is paramount.  Satasi allows organisations to validate only your age, ensuring your privacy is protected.

"I just need to check you're over 18"



Many businesses have bona fide reasons why they need to verify your age.  Common examples include:


- They want to ensure a certain age demographic for their community of users (e.g. social networks) 

- They are required to check by law (e.g. where specific age restrictions apply)

- They want to ensure the user is legally able to accept the 'terms and conditions' of use (e.g. google, facebook, etc)


However, just because they need to verify you belong to a certain age group does not mean they want or need your date of birth, let alone your identity.  You shouldn't need to give away your identity just to tell someone you're over 18!


Our service allows organisations to validate your age in a trusted way, whilst also offering you total privacy. 


Anonymous validation of proven age to third parties, 100% controlled by you



We designed our architecture so that we have zero access to user data.  


Our tools help you open your own private digital safe.  In to which you store your identity documents of choice and authenticate them.


After authentication, you can erase the documents for total piece of mind.  Only a 'validated' date of birth will remain.

Business model that protects data


We know only that you open an account with us, not why.  We never see inside your private digital safe, nor which age groups you join.
We cannot link age verification requests to any particular user.
We earn revenue in two ways. We charge each account holder a small one-off fee to set-up their account, and each business a micropayment each time they want to validate your age credentials. 

Encyption by default

All data stored on the network is encrypted by default at source.  
Only the account owner (you) has the keys to decrypt the data.  No-one else, not even us, can decrypt it for you.
If you lose your keys then you don't need to worry.  Just set up another account.  No-one will ever be able to access your old information. 

Safety in groups

To provide an extra layer of privacy we encourage users to join anonymous age groups.  
It is your membership to a particular group that is verified if an organisation asks (e.g. is this user a member of the 'over 65s' group).
Of course, as part of the entrance criteria to join a particualr group our system will check your validated date of birth to verify you are eligible to join.

Open source

We believe digital privacy should be available to all. 
We are active users of open source code and endevour to make as much of ours open as is practical.
By using open-source encryption algorithms that have been vetted by experts we can check they don't have any secret back doors.

Easy to use

We make the account set-up process and initial validation easy for you to use.  Whilst ensuring it is a process that others can trust.  
With your identification documents in hand you can be validated in less than 5 minutes.
Once you are set up with an account, any organisation or business is free to instantly verify whether you are a member of a particular age group.

Why satasi?

We do two things really well.  Things that we think should give you the comfort you need to be able to trust us.


Firstly, we have designed our technology so that you don't have to trust us.  We do not collect any data about you for ourselves or anyone else.  Since don't collect it, we can't sell it.


Secondly, anonymous age verification is all we do.  We don't sell you products, we don't advertise, we don't do banking, we don't monitor your credit score.   We exist for the sole pupose of proving you a mechanism to verify your age online in total privacy, whilst letting businesses trust that your verification can be trusted.


Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have

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